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CRGO is the abbreviation for Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel, which is used in particular to laminate any heavy transformer as a core. CRGO steel has exceptionally high mechanical elasticity and magnetic properties in the rolling direction. These crystals are often arranged by cold rolling at room temperature to coordinate the direction of grain formation in a specific direction. Since the magnetic properties during cold rolling depend on individual micro-crystals and direction of growth orientation.

Copper is the logical choice for medium-to-large transformers. It keeps the size of completed units small enough to transport easily. The smaller size of copper transformers saves core steel, as well as structural elements including the tank, oil, cooling equipment and other accessories.

Transformer oil is a mineral based oil that is commonly used in transformers for its chemical properties and dielectric strength. This oil in your transformer acts as an insulator and a cooling agent. Over time, the oil will degrade resulting in the potential for faults and costly repairs. With a proper preventative maintenance program, you can avoid any costly down time and expensive repairs

A current transformer has a primary coil of one or more turns of heavy wire. It is always connected in series in the circuit in which current is to be measured. The secondary coil is made up of many turns of fine wire, which must always be connected across the ammeter terminals. The secondary of a current transformer must never be open-circuited. This is because the primary is not connected to a constant source. There is a wide range of possible primary voltages, because the device can be connected to many types of conductors. The secondary must always be available (closed-circuited) to react with the primary, to prevent the core from becoming completely magnetized. If this happens, the instruments will no longer read accurately.

A clamp-on ammeter works in a similar way. By opening the clamp and placing it around a current carrying conductor, the conductor itself acts as a single turn primary. The secondary and the ammeter are conveniently mounted in the handle of the device. The dial allows a number of current ranges to be gauged accurately.

A potential transformer is a carefully designed, extremely accurate step-down transformer. It is normally used with a standard 120-volt voltmeter. By multiplying the reading on the voltmeter (called the deflections) by the ratio of transformation, the user can determine the voltage on the high side. In general, a potential transformer is very similar to a standard two-winding transformer, except that it handles a very small amount of power. Transformers for this service are always the shell type, because this construction has been proven to provide better accuracy.

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